Why I started this blog

Hello, world!

After many failed attempts to start blogs in the past, I am once again crawling out of the woodwork to share my knowledge (such as it is…) with the world.

I’m an information specialist (or medical librarian, depending on your geography and political persuasion). Basically, I spend the majority of my time using medical databases, search engines, and hard to use websites. I find the unfindable! I search for the unsearchable! Sometimes searching for stuff is pretty straightforward. But a lot of the time – especially in medicine – the amount of information and the way it’s organised can be pretty overwhelming.

Over the years, I’ve found some useful ways of efficiently navigating databases, search engines, and hard to search websites. My colleagues have shared some pretty cool tricks, too. I’ve created this website as a way for expert searchers to share expertise, pick up new tips, and generally share the love.

Want to contribute? Contact me!